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I am blessed, (or cursed, depending on your point of view.) with getting to travel a great deal for work.  When I am on the road I will often visit local train oriented hobby shops as a means of relaxation.  As a general rule I am usually very impressed with the folks who operate these establishments.  However, on a recent business assignment I found what I believe to be an exceptional train enthusiasts destination and figured I should mention it.  

Battlefield Station

220 W. Battlefield Rd

Springfield, MO 65807

So what impressed me so greatly with Battlefield Station? 


1. The owners and other associates that I talked to were very friendly and helpful.  They love the hobby and it shows.  (This is common amongst many hobby stores, but important so I mention it.)


2. Operating layouts that were outstanding. Not just one, but several.  The pictures you see here are of the HO layout that they have on display, but there were also outstanding working layouts in N, O, and G.  (Yes, I asked permission before taking the pictures.)

More Layout Pictures #1

More Layout Pictures #2


HO steam train passes under a rickity rural bridge

3. Kid friendly.  There is no faster downer than spending your 'relaxation' time worrying about occupying your kids or trying to steer them away from what is breakable while you try to get ideas, get help or just see what is available. 

A train big enough for the kids to get in.
4. As hobby stores go, it is huge with a complete selection.
5. Their prices were reasonable.  (Yes, they got some of my money!)

If you have a suggestion for other hobby shops or other destinations that are worth making an extra trip, please let me know either through the discussion area or through the E-Mail link.  Be sure to include what you find extraordinary about that location.  I am all for highlighting any outstanding efforts. 



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