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With so many books available at your local hobby shop, (We entered more than 70 into this list with our first compilation) weeding out the useful ones from the duds can be a daunting task.  It is our hope that you will be able to use this area to find the types of information that your interested in.

HO Railroad from Start to Finish
by Jim Kelly

Provides the construction steps for building a walkaround 4 x 8 layout. Photographs, diagrams, and helful instructions show how to construct benchwork and scenery, lay track, build detailed structures, weather freight cars, and more.

Model Railroading With John Allen: The Story of the Fabulous HO Scale Gorre & Daphetid Railroad
by Linn H. Westcott

Is there a railroader in your life? While designed for the model railroader, much information is given in and easy to read format with detailed photos that everyone will enjoy!

Practical Guide to HO Model Railroading
by Model Railroader Magazine

Includes step by step directions for building a complete layout.

HO Railroad from Set to Scenery: 8 easy steps to building a complete layout (Model Railroader)
by Rick Selby

Detailed photographs and diagrams show how to turn a basic HO train set into a complete 4x8 layout in eight easy steps! Includes instructions on constructing benchwork, laying track, constructing scenery, and more.

The HO Model Railroading Handbook
by Robert Schleicher

The "3rd Edition of the HO Model Railroading Handbook" includes step-by-step instructions for building your choice of two tabletop model railroads empires. Or, learn how to enjoy those trains by simply setting them up on the floor with movable scenery and buildings. Model railroading is easier than ever, thanks to a host of new techniques, materials and products that are all available to you. Use hands-on techniques in this book to learn the quick and easy way to: use the new HO track and roadbed that snaps securely together; design your own layout with the actual track pieces; connect two wires to run as many as 10 trains on one track; build a lightweight table from common blue insulation foam panels and plywood; cover square yards of your layout with breathtakingly realistic "grass-that-grows"; install bridges and build tunnels; operate like a real railroad with "waybill" cards and a "sequence timetable"; and trouble-shoot and repair locomotives, cars and track.

6 HO Railroads You Can Build (Model Railroader)
by Bob Hayden

Offers great-looking projects for every level of interest and ability with layouts to fit almost any space. Detailed instructions for modular and full-layout projects include photographs, dioramas, tips, and techniques. From Model Railroader Magazine.



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