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With so many books available at your local hobby shop, (We entered more than 120 into this list with our first compilation) weeding out the useful ones from the duds can be a daunting task.  It is our hope that you will be able to use this area to find the types of information that your interested in.

While your at it, why not take a minute and tell us what you think of some of the publications that you have read.  The submission form is simple and quick, and no matter what your skill level is, your opinions matter. 

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G, S & O Scales



Beginner's Guide to Large Scale Model Railroading

By Marc Horovitz, Russ Larson / Kalmbach Publishing Company / December 1, 1998

Introduces the exciting world of trains that can operate indoors or outside. Photos, tips, techniques, and diagrams show how to plan, build, and operate large scale garden railroads.

Excellent - 100% (2)    Good - 0% (0)     OK - 0% (0)     Poor - 0% (0)

I Highly recommend for those interested in garden railways - P.B.

Best book for a beginner. - CD




Garden Railroading: Getting Started in the Hobby

By Kent Johnson / Kalmbach Publishing Company / April 2002

Model railroaders, gardeners, miniaturists, and even those looking for home improvement ideas will appreciate this guide. Compiled from the pages of Garden Railways magazine, this comprehensive guide addresses the subjects most often raised by beginners and seasoned hobbyists.

Excellent - 0% (0)    Good - 0% (0)     OK - 0% (0)     Poor - 0% (0)


Getting Started in Garden Railroading: Build the Railroad of Your Dreams... in Your Own Backyard
By Allan W. Miller / DBI Books Inc. / June 1, 2001

Garden railroading is fun for the whole family! And, by industry accounts, itís the fastest-growing segment of the model railroading hobby. Packed with inspiring color photos, Getting Started in Garden Railroading provides an informative and entertaining introduction to the hobby. Simple, easy-to-follow steps lead to a durable, reliable, and attractive operating railway designed for year-round enjoyment, regardless of region or climate. Information is presented in a logical sequence, beginning with the most frequently asked questions posed by newcomers to the hobby, and continuing through planning, design, foundation preparation, trackwork, power and control systems, landscaping, scenic details, and operation. Special sections are devoted to motive power and rolling stock, contemporary power and control systems, live steam operations, and maintenance.

Excellent - 0% (0)    Good - 0% (0)     OK - 0% (0)     Poor - 0% (0)




Gilbert American Flyer Instruction Book

By A. C. Gilbert & Co.

This book was originally published in 1952 by the A.C. Gilbert Company and has been reprinted by Bibliographic Press as a quality paperback printed on acid- free paper. It provides extensive information about all aspects of American Flyer trains and is enhanced by dozens of illustrations and charts. It is an essential tool for anyone who wants to (in the words of the old Gilbert slogan) "Make it Real" with American Flyer equipment.

Excellent - 0% (0)    Good - 0% (0)     OK - 0% (0)     Poor - 0% (0)




Gorgeous Garden Railways

By Marc Horovitz, Pat Hayward

Vivid, full-color photos capture the essence of model railroading and gardening in the great outdoors. This book features large portraits with informative text by Marc Horovitz, editor of Garden Railways, and Pat Hayward, the magazineís horticultural editor. Includes chapters on garden railroad landscaping, trains, infrastructure, ponds and water features, and other landscape challenges, all illustrated by plenty of high-quality photos. Gorgeous Garden Railways will strike a chord not only with garden/model railroaders but with other garden enthusiasts and homeowners as well.

Excellent - 83% (5)    Good - 0% (0)     OK - 0% (0)     Poor - 17% (1)




Greenberg's Guide to M.T.H. Electric Trains

By Roland Lavoie / Kalmbach Publishing Company / October 1999

The new classics from MTH have everyone talking! Now learn the details of every single MTH product with this guide. From descriptions and pricing to current values and lots of detailed photos, this guide tells the whole story. More than 450 production items featured in color. Includes comprehensive pricing research and data. Includes a free Train Tracker CD-Rom.

Excellent - 0% (0)    Good - 0% (0)     OK - 0% (0)     Poor - 0% (0)




The Large-Scale Model Railroading Handbook

By Robert Schleicher / Krause Publications / March 2000

In 15 chapters, Robert Schleicher educates the novice and inspires the veteran model railroader with hands-on advice. Enthusiasts will learn how to convert their backyard into an authentic, large-scale railroading scene. Chapters cover track plans; benchwork; right-of-ways and roadbeds; scenery for indoor and outdoor layouts; bridges and tunnels; and locomotive maintenance.

Excellent - 50% (0)    Good -50% (1)     OK - 0% (0)     Poor - 0% (0)

A tool I use. - P.B. 

A good how to. - B.R..




Model Railroading With MTH Electric Trains

By Rob Adelman /  Krause Publications / October 2002

The model railroad empire of MTH Electric Trains continues to steam ahead and revolutionize the O gauge electric train market with its innovative product lines, helping to make O gauge the fastest growing segment in model railroading. This is the first operator's handbook devoted to MTH's unique features and characteristics, including the new MTH Digital Control System.

Model railroaders can easily construct a complete MTH railroad with the detailed step-by-step instructions in this full-color reference. Thorough coverage of MTH operating systems and related components helps enthusiasts choose the right layout.

Includes an overview of the MTH Premier line and RailKing locomotives, rolling stock, and accessories plus a review of the RealTrax track system and the features and operations of ProtoSounds, Loco-Sound, and MTH conventional, infrared, and digital control systems. It also covers computer track planning software, layout construction, wiring and electrical components, scenery construction, equipment maintenance, and operations.

Excellent - 0% (0)    Good - 0% (0)     OK - 0% (0)     Poor - 0% (0)




Operating 0 & 0-27 Trains

By Maury D. Klein / Mdk Inc. / June 1984

A comprehensive guide that covers everything from how to begin to detailed landscaping techniques. This book will transport the hobbyist from the four walls of the room to a railroad empire. Chapters on construction of tables, electrical wiring and operating various transformers lso included.

Excellent - 0% (0)    Good - 0% (0)     OK - 0% (0)     Poor - 0% (0)



Practical Garden Railways

By Peter Jones / Crowood / December 2006

Have you always wanted to run your own railway? Does your indoor model railway leave you with a desire to fill your nostrils with the smell of steam and hot oil on a winter's morning? If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes' then you probably need to build yourself a garden railway, and you certainly need to read this book! Peter Jones is one of the best-known names in the world of garden railways. In this highly illustrated book he guides you through the exciting world of model trains in your garden, from small-scale electric-powered locomotives to live-steam engines capable of carrying passengers, helping the reader to decide on what type of railway would be right, and passing on countless tips for the successful execution of the grand project.

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