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With so many books available at your local hobby shop, (We entered more than 70 into this list with our first compilation) weeding out the useful ones from the duds can be a daunting task.  It is our hope that you will be able to use this area to find the types of information that your interested in.

Building a Model Railroad Step by Step, 2nd Edition
by David Popp

Model Railroader Managing Editor David Popp details the expansion of his N scale Naugatuck Valley Railroad in Building a Model Railroad Step by Step, 2nd edition. Providing an inside look at building a model railroad from start to finish, new chapters highlight the addition of a sizable industrial switching area and delve deeper into operations.

Realistic Model Railroad Operation (Layout Design and Planning)
by Tony Koester

Respected expert Tony Koester teaches modelers how real railroads operate trains and how to apply those methods to their own model railroads in this extensively updated edition. Learning about timetable-and-train-order operation, as well as how cars are switched, how yards function, how signals work, and more, provides an added dimension of realism and fun for modelers, keeping the hobby fresh and exciting.

Model Railroading in Small Spaces, Second Edition
by Mat Chibbaro

If you have a limited space for your layout, here s the answer! This completely revised edition of Model Railroading in Small Spaces provides a variety of creative approaches for building compact layouts. It covers how to build seven different layouts encompassing portable, shelf, coffee table, and fold-up styles. Three of the layouts are new, plus the book includes a new chapter on advanced techniques. N and HO scale railroads are modeled, as is one O scale shelf layout.

7 Quick Tips to Get You Started on Model Railroad - How to be an advanced Model Railroader faster
By Nate Smith

In "7 Quick Tips to Get You Started on Model Railroad" you will learn that the greatest hobby in the world isn't that complicated. The reality is that by making some careful choices you be on the fast track to achieve some pretty amazing things in Model Railroad.

The Wonderful World of Model Trains: A Beginner's Guide to Building Your Own Model Railways and Creating Stunning Sceneries & Layouts
By David B. Brokaw

There's a nostalgia associated with model trains and railroading -- even if it's unspoken. Railroads take us back to an earlier era. A more basic time. When spending a week or more on a train was seen as a luxury -- an event in itself -- not at as merely a mode of transportation. You've probably already scouted some model railroad shows. You've no doubt recognized the camaraderie and the passion these folks have. And yes, you're interested in becoming a part of that. "The Wonderful World of Model Trains" will help you do just that! It's a comprehensive guide to model railroading written for someone who is new to this hobby, starting with some basic "train knowledge" & terminologies, and continuing on to the more detailed aspects of the hobby.

Basic Model Railroad Benchwork (Model Railroader Essentials Series)
by Jeff Wilson

Features ideas and techniques on benckwork for layouts from beginning to end using different materials. Includes line drawings and lots of colored photos. Book 104 pages.

One Hundred and One Track Plans for Model Railroaders
by Linn Westcott

This is a 72 page guide to 101 Model Railroading Track Plans from Kalmbach Books. Every one of the 101 track plans in this book is an adventure in model railroad design. A complete miniature world with a theme, purpose, and atmosphere. The plans range in size from tiny layouts that would fit on a card table to a huge estate-size railroad designed for a specifically built building. The author also explains how to convert the plans for use in the various model railroad scales, how to build a layout from a plan, and how to choose the plan best suited to your space and personality. Plans are included for N, HO, S and O scale railroads.

Track Planning for Realistic Operation: Prototype Railroad Concepts for Your Model Railroad (3rd Edition)
by John Armstrong

Provides step-by-step design techniques and track planning tips to save model railroaders time, money, and headaches. This must-have book also covers aspects of prototype freight and passenger operations, route design, and contemporary railroading.

Designing & Building Multi-Deck Model Railroads
by Tony Koester

Acquire more space and longer towns and runs with multiple decks. Tony Koester walks you through design, options, lighting and wiring considerations, the where and when sequence, as well as the all-important construction techniques.

Shelf Layouts for Model Railroads
by Iain Rice

Learn how to build a shelf layout by exploring the possibilities, practicalities, and challenges of linear layout design in a variety of layouts with construction details.

101 More Track Plans for Model Railroaders
Compiled by Jeff Wilson

Featuring plans from Model Railroader magazine from three decades, each of the 101 track plans has a newly written, informational description of the design. The track plans range in size from simple 4 x 8 foot and smaller layouts to room- and garage-sized showpieces, with the majority focusing on mid-size layouts.

How to Build Model Railroad Benchwork, Second Edition
by Linn H. Westcott

Demonstrates how to plan and build the basic framework to support layouts of any size, shape or gauge.

Model Railway Layout, Construction and Design Techniques
by Nigel Burkin

Layout building is perhaps the most exciting, rewarding and challenging aspect of creating a model railway. Making the right design decisions and choosing good construction techniques are vital to ensure success. This book takes you through basic baseboard construction, shelf layout themes and how to link multi-deck designs together, enabling you to make the most of a given space. With different concepts covered, from simple portable layouts to helix construction techniques, Nigel Burkin mixes the best of British layouts with those used routinely overseas and shows you how you too can achieve success and satisfaction in executing your layout design.

Introduction to Model Railroading (Model Railroader's How-to Guide)
by Jeff Wilson

The all-new material in Introduction to Model Railroading offers beginning modelers a wealth of information. It begins with choosing a place, era and scale to model. Veteran modeler Jeff Wilson also breaks down the basics of planning a layout and building supporting benchwork. The easy-to-follow instructions and abundance of photographs make this the perfect introduction to scale model railroading.

Realistic Model Railroad Design: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Unique Operating Layout
by Tony Koester

Using photos, illustrations, and a straightforward style, notable Model Railroader magazine author Tony Koester shows you how to make creative, plausible choices for the concept and construction of your next model railroad. Covers key topics like developing an entire model railroad theme, choosing a scale, integrating signature design elements into your track plan, and much more.

Basic Trackwork for Model Railroaders: The Complete Photo Guide
by Jeff Wilson

Using a step-by-step photographic approach, this book offers proven, easy to follow techniques for installing of sturdy trackwork, including fitting the roadbed, laying sectional or flexible track, and finishing the track with lineside details. Also covers installing turnouts, cleaning and maintaining trackwork, and other special techniques suitable for a layout of any size or scale.



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